A quest to self-discovery.

Being a nurse is not without its challenges. Long shifts, limited resources, and burnout create potential problems. In the wake of COVID-19, these issues are becoming more transparent than ever. It is important as nurses that we foster a culture of care-- and that starts at home. I created this page as a sanctuary for my thoughts-- a sacred place where I could be both honest and vulnerable-- a place where I could decompress after a long shift and cleanse my thoughts before moving onto the next one. I hope you will enjoy it here, and I want you to know this is a journey for both reader and writer alike. Let's create a safe place together: where we can heal and grow through the power of transparency.  May this experience be full of food, positive affirmations, and the soul of nursing: love.



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I am a registered nurse with eight years of acute care experience in both the ER and ICU settings. In addition, I am a writer, actress, and producer at Pathway Cinemas located in Atlanta, Ga.


My mission is to merge my passion for storytelling with my love for healthcare and people. My aim is to document my journey as a first year travel nurse to assist other nurses navigating this field. I further hope to showcase nursing in a pandemic and the importance of physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.


My goal is to raise awareness about the field of nursing by documenting my journey as I travel around the country providing healthcare during the COVID-19 pandemic.



If you are enjoying my journey, I would love to hear from you! Get in touch with me today with any questions, comments or business opportunities.

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